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Clemson Professional Christmas Lighting Installation Creates a Light Forest for All to Relish

Happy New Year!

And to all the Clemson fans out there, Congratulations on the big win.

While we celebrate the New Year by taking down holiday lighting to store for the summer, we also like to share with you one of our 2018 best holiday lighting projects. This year’s happens to be in Clemson of all places.

Clemson Residential Christmas Lighting

Classic C9 Roofline Lights are on Every Homeowners Christmas List

These photos come from a long-standing and beloved client in Clemson. We enjoy creating a lovely Christmas lighting display for them every year, however, this year was different. This year they asked us to go a step further with their holiday lighting design and create a “light forest” and a “border effect” around their home.

How did we achieve their dream holiday lighting display?

  • First, we lined their roof with LED C9 holiday lights. C9s create a classic effect for a nostalgic Southern Christmas feeling.
  • Next, we wrapped all the trees out front in LED mini lights from top to bottom, being sure to illuminate the smaller shrubbery too.
  • Lastly, to add holiday spirit during the day, we hung wreaths on every window. We also hung garland from the balcony, creating a perfect frame for the Christmas tree inside.

Christmas Light Forest

You’ll notice that while the holiday lighting creates the traditional Christmas joy, their existing architectural lights further accentuated it by allowing the greenery to also be seen at night.

All-in-all this beautiful, festive home boasts 12 wreaths, 160 strands of LED mini lights, and 10 strands of garland.

If you’re ready to take your Christmas lighting game to the next level, start the conversation today. There is a limited amount of time to install holiday lighting and our fall schedule fills up very quickly. 864-292-0002

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