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Why Winter is an Excellent Time to Install Landscape Lighting

We understand that renovating your landscape is a spring tradition, but what if you could get some of the work done before spring arrives? A great use of wintertime huh? Well, you can do just that with your landscape lighting installation. In fact, designing and installing your landscape lighting in winter is a really excellent idea.

Winter Landscapes are Dormant

First, when we install in the winter, your lawn and most of your landscape are dormant. This means when we dig and bury lines, your landscape will be less affected. A small trench in your lawn for an electrical line will have time to heal before the summer heat slows down the progress. Have you ever tried to patch your grass in June or July? It requires a ton of costly water and takes much longer. Spring rain and less heat will make recovery easy peasy.

Winter Wonder & Earliest Spring Enjoyment

While we are not going to try and say you’ll spend tons of time outdoors this winter to enjoy your landscape, we have to admit, those occasional warm winter evenings are a lovely time to be outdoors. And with the sun setting at 5 pm, landscape lighting is just what you need. And can’t you just imagine it now, if it does snow, the sparkle off the fresh powder will be magnificent!

That being said, by installing this winter, you’ll have your lighting well before the spring weather arrives so you’ll have the earliest possible enjoyment of your new lightscape this spring.

Get Ahead of Spring Landscaping

There are so many pieces of your spring landscape renovation that have to wait until the last freeze has passed, but not this. We can help you shorten the time in which your yard is under construction, by installing your lighting before spring arrives. This will allow us to be out of the way, so your landscaper can get to work. After which, we will come back and make a few adjustments as needed and you’ll be on your way to a magnificent, show-stopping new spring landscape!

Winter landscape installation doesn’t just apply to new outdoor lighting systems. If you need an upgrade, expansion, or maintenance, now is a perfect time to get it done. Our techs are generally a little less busy, so we can get to you faster, and you’ll be ready to move on to more important spring tasks when the weather warms up.

If you’re in need of a new landscape lighting system or upgrade to your existing, give us a call today. We’ll get busy designing now! (864) 292-0002

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