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Be the House to Host All the Events With the Help of Path Lighting

Path lighting installation is more than how it comes across. It enhances the atmosphere of your home, welcoming guests without you even trying. The lighthearted ambiance from path lighting is sure to make your house the place to host all the events.

Football Games

The season everyone is waiting for is here, besides fall. Football season is a must in Greenville, with everyone either tailgating at the game or finding the best spot to catch the scores. Why not make it your home with the help from Greenville path lighting? As guests pull into your driveway, they will notice the path lighting guiding them. The soft glow upon your house will surely warrant a smile from your guests as they pile in with snacks, drinks, and compliments.

greenville path lighting

Roasting Marshmallows

As the fire flickers in your fire pit, guests start to gather around. The wind causes the trees to dance around you. Fall is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than roasting marshmallows. The professional path lighting helps to compliment the stonework of the pit and lights the area around you. Your guests won’t miss a detail, or where they may drop their marshmallow.

Book Club

Sitting on the back porch with your book club friends, you notice the sun is setting. The sky portrays wonderful accents of purples, pinks, and oranges. Everyone has their pumpkin spice beverage and the latest New York Times Bestseller that everyone has read. The path lighting starts to illuminate, showcasing your backyard to the guests. The fire pit with the rustic stonework suddenly becomes more noticeable, along with the pathways and trees in the yard. The path lighting does half of the work for you, with Greenville path lighting installation doing the rest.


The big holiday is just around the corner, and you are hosting this year. You go into panic mode, thinking of everything that needs to be done. The rugs haven’t been cleaned in a questionable amount of time, the nice dishes used for the holidays need to be pulled out of the attic, and the yard could use some love. While Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville doesn’t handle rug cleaning or dishwashing, we are highly qualified to install path lighting to brighten up your home and truly make it the place to be thankful.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville today for a free design demonstration that will help show how versatile and essential path lighting is. 864-292-0002

Fall in Love with the Magnificence of Greenville Tree Lighting

Looking out of your kitchen window into the back yard, you see trees swaying in the wind. Your sweaters are calling your name as the temperatures start to lower, slightly. Pumpkin-flavored everything is hitting the shelves and stores, relentlessly begging you to partake in the craze.

fall tree lighting

Greenville Fall Foliage Watch

But the true signal to the start of the fall season is the leaves changing color. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville is here to illuminate the changing season by providing a magnificent tree lighting system. Suddenly, the different shades of red, orange, yellow and brown seem brighter.

Show off the peak colors of fall with a trustworthy lighting system that is sure to grab attention. Don’t let the changing leaves steal the show, shock your guests with fabulous LED outdoor string lighting that works perfectly in the trees. Watch as the shadows from the branches start to dance on the lawn. And the gorgeous colors get a subtle nod from the lighting nearby.

Tree Lighting Adds Depth to Your Property

Watch as your guests gather into your yard, waiting for the football game to start. The sun is starting to set, which means your landscape lighting is ready to play too. The trees take on a different persona as they are enlightened by tree lighting.

Make sure to ask about the spotlighting or uplifting effect. There is also the option of moonlighting. All provide great techniques in order to properly showcase the trees and your landscape.

If security is your concern, but subtle beauty is your preference, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville today for a FREE design demonstration. 864-292-0002.

Subtle Security Done Right with Custom Greenville Outdoor Lighting

Do you find yourself peering out the back window, looking at a pitch black yard at night, wondering, “could someone be out there and I wouldn’t even know?”

Curious thoughts as they may be, they are completely normal. It is human nature to wonder what might be there that we cannot see. You may feel 100% safe in your city and neighborhood, but still, find yourself wondering once in a while. You do have a few options for adding security to your home and property at night. You could invest in a full home security system, then extend your investment to the yard with motion sensor floodlights and cameras to catch any unwanted activity.

greenville home security lightingThe plus side to this plan:you’ll always know when anyone (or anything) is moving around on your property.

The downside to this plan:your neighbors will also know when anyone (or anything) is moving around on your property. You’ll be awakened by a brilliant flood light, at night when a squirrel runs by, or a strong breeze sends a small branch flying. And your yard will still be dark for most hours of the night.

Beautiful Outdoor Security Lighting

Creating a gorgeous outdoor lighting scene can be for one main purpose while still accomplishing multiple goals. While for most of our clients, the added security provided by their gorgeous outdoor lighting is like the cherry on top, we do have clients who are looking for subtle and beautiful security lighting that is highly effective.

As it turns out, whether your goal is security or your goal is beauty — with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville, you will get both!

How Outdoor Accent Lighting Adds Security to Your Property

When it comes to preventing nighttime theft and trespassing, lighting is the oldest trick in the book. But, it used to be done with blind-yourself-and-your-neighbors’ flood lights that would startle everyone on the block whenever a rodent runs across the sensor. While that can certainly be effective, there is a much better way that is #1 more aesthetically pleasing and #2 less alarming to neighbors, potential homebuyers, and visitors.

With a strategically designed and installed Greenville outdoor lighting system, you can enjoy subtle, beautiful, outdoor lighting that just so happens to deter unwanted guests at night. With some combination of the following, combined with your other outdoor living requirements, we will give you the peace-of-mind you want and need.

Perimeter Lighting
Keeping your entire property illuminated with gentle accent lighting is key to creating a secure home. Starting with the outer edges of your property, we can illuminate fences, tree lines, and shrubbery to provide a visible cue for your sense of well being and to stop trespassers from entering. Being seen is not ideal for the average trouble-maker and the lighting around the edges of your property is sure to keep most intruders out.

Illuminating Dark Areas
greenville home security with outdoor lightingMost homes have a few areas on the property that are extra dark. Whether it is an alleyway, the heavily wooded side of a home, or the area where you keep your trash bins, we will provide gorgeous lighting to banish the darkness forever.

Entrance Illumination
You may think of path lighting and porch lighting to keep your home’s entrance well-lit, but intruders are looking at other ways to get in your home. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we create gorgeous exterior home lighting designs that create subtle illumination near every point of entry. Windows, side doors, back doors and more can provide a less visible entrance into your home – but with our lighting designs, every entrance can be seen at night.

Custom Landscape Lighting
Every home and property we illuminate is unique. We won’t apply a one-size-fits-all lighting system on your home. We’ll come to your house, assess your goals and view your home. The resulting design will have taken into consideration particularly risky areas of your property. Maybe your city home has a back alleyway. Or maybe your country home has a public area on the other side of the woods behind your house. No matter what your property and home’s features are, we’ll make sure the lighting creates security at every turn.

If security is your concern, but subtle beauty is your preference, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville today for a FREE design demonstration. 864-292-0002

Yeah, THAT Greenville Outdoor Lighting Company

We are so proud to be part of the Greenville community. Yeah, THAT Greenville. We’ve been providing gorgeous outdoor lighting and landscape lighting systems to homeowners and businesses throughout Greenville for 20 years!

We feel a sense of pride in our ability to help Greenville residents and business owners beautify their properties at night. We add to the curb appeal of what collectively makes Greenville, Greenville. When you work with us, you get more than just landscape lighting. You get:

• Personal attention & custom design
• Neighborly care about your beautiful lighting system and your satisfaction
• The BEST quality LED copper and brass lights
• The #1 LED lamps available
• Unmatched warranties and long-term service and maintenance including our beloved Annual Maintenance Plan so you can enjoy a system that looks and functions at day one quality for life.

We are the best outdoor lighting company in the Upstate. When you work with us, you get the best of everything.

How Does Your Property Hold Up Against the Yeah That Greenville Motto?

Have you stepped back to the curb and looked at your property at night lately? We challenge all of Greenville and the surrounding area to step up to the idea of making your home and property live up to the Yeah That Greenville motto.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Our team can help you add the jewelry to your home at night. Consider the following lighting ideas to not only add beauty and charm, but also safety and security.

  • Exterior home lighting to illuminate the gorgeous charm of your home.
  • Path lighting to guide the way in.
  • Landscape lighting highlights the beauty of your gorgeous plants, shrubs, and flowers.
  • Focal and landscape lighting around your property’s perimeter for added security and visibility.
  • Tree lighting, lining your driveway or dotted around the property, your trees are the anchors of your landscape.

As you see, living up the motto is easy to do. You have the gorgeous property and landscape, we have the lights. Hire the best outdoor lighting company in the Upstate today and we’ll make your property fitting for the best Yeah That Greenville. Call today for a FREE nighttime demonstration at your home today! 864-292-0002

Big, Small and In-Between, We Create Custom Outdoor Lighting Systems to Meet your Exact Needs

You don’t have to have a palatial estate to enjoy a custom outdoor lighting system for your home. And you don’t have to make your home visible from space to enjoy a gorgeous nighttime scene. We’ll illuminate your home and property with exactly the right amount of lights to achieve the results you want, no more, no less.

Greenville Custom Outdoor Lighting Systems

While we can add landscape lighting, deck lighting, patio lighting, hardscape lighting and more to create your custom outdoor lighting system, we will only use the lighting that is necessary for you to achieve the results you want.

In the case of this stunning new home in Greenville, less is more.

Take a close look at the home’s charm. A combination of some very detailed elements allows this home to stick out from the crowd. Our goal was simply to highlight these features at night, so they could speak for themselves. With just uplighting, we were able to create the amazing scene below.

Greenville Stone Façade Lighting

Note the wall wash lighting that is illuminating the texture of the stone façade. Stone is a popular feature on homes in Greenville and we have a variety of lighting techniques to subtly show it off at night.

This home features lovely custom architecture around the windows and doors. The arch is not something you see on many newly built homes today – so we had to make sure to highlight the feature with proper outdoor lighting.

This home features a very unique roof pitch. Two staggered roof lines with steep pitches make for a grand entrance to this lovely home. With the right focal lighting, we were able to simultaneously illuminate the height of the roof pitch along with the texture of the stone façade.

What are the unique charms of your home? With the best Greenville custom outdoor lighting team – your home’s extraordinary features can shine as much at night as they do during the day.

Call us today to schedule a FREE, no obligation nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration. 864-292-0002

Clemson Professional Christmas Lighting Installation Creates a Light Forest for All to Relish

Happy New Year!

And to all the Clemson fans out there, Congratulations on the big win.

While we celebrate the New Year by taking down holiday lighting to store for the summer, we also like to share with you one of our 2018 best holiday lighting projects. This year’s happens to be in Clemson of all places.

Clemson Residential Christmas Lighting

Classic C9 Roofline Lights are on Every Homeowners Christmas List

These photos come from a long-standing and beloved client in Clemson. We enjoy creating a lovely Christmas lighting display for them every year, however, this year was different. This year they asked us to go a step further with their holiday lighting design and create a “light forest” and a “border effect” around their home.

How did we achieve their dream holiday lighting display?

  • First, we lined their roof with LED C9 holiday lights. C9s create a classic effect for a nostalgic Southern Christmas feeling.
  • Next, we wrapped all the trees out front in LED mini lights from top to bottom, being sure to illuminate the smaller shrubbery too.
  • Lastly, to add holiday spirit during the day, we hung wreaths on every window. We also hung garland from the balcony, creating a perfect frame for the Christmas tree inside.

Christmas Light Forest

You’ll notice that while the holiday lighting creates the traditional Christmas joy, their existing architectural lights further accentuated it by allowing the greenery to also be seen at night.

All-in-all this beautiful, festive home boasts 12 wreaths, 160 strands of LED mini lights, and 10 strands of garland.

If you’re ready to take your Christmas lighting game to the next level, start the conversation today. There is a limited amount of time to install holiday lighting and our fall schedule fills up very quickly. 864-292-0002

Why Winter is an Excellent Time to Install Landscape Lighting

We understand that renovating your landscape is a spring tradition, but what if you could get some of the work done before spring arrives? A great use of wintertime huh? Well, you can do just that with your landscape lighting installation. In fact, designing and installing your landscape lighting in winter is a really excellent idea.

Winter Landscapes are Dormant

First, when we install in the winter, your lawn and most of your landscape are dormant. This means when we dig and bury lines, your landscape will be less affected. A small trench in your lawn for an electrical line will have time to heal before the summer heat slows down the progress. Have you ever tried to patch your grass in June or July? It requires a ton of costly water and takes much longer. Spring rain and less heat will make recovery easy peasy.

Winter Wonder & Earliest Spring Enjoyment

While we are not going to try and say you’ll spend tons of time outdoors this winter to enjoy your landscape, we have to admit, those occasional warm winter evenings are a lovely time to be outdoors. And with the sun setting at 5 pm, landscape lighting is just what you need. And can’t you just imagine it now, if it does snow, the sparkle off the fresh powder will be magnificent!

That being said, by installing this winter, you’ll have your lighting well before the spring weather arrives so you’ll have the earliest possible enjoyment of your new lightscape this spring.

Get Ahead of Spring Landscaping

There are so many pieces of your spring landscape renovation that have to wait until the last freeze has passed, but not this. We can help you shorten the time in which your yard is under construction, by installing your lighting before spring arrives. This will allow us to be out of the way, so your landscaper can get to work. After which, we will come back and make a few adjustments as needed and you’ll be on your way to a magnificent, show-stopping new spring landscape!

Winter landscape installation doesn’t just apply to new outdoor lighting systems. If you need an upgrade, expansion, or maintenance, now is a perfect time to get it done. Our techs are generally a little less busy, so we can get to you faster, and you’ll be ready to move on to more important spring tasks when the weather warms up.

If you’re in need of a new landscape lighting system or upgrade to your existing, give us a call today. We’ll get busy designing now! (864) 292-0002

Flip the Switch: Stay Outdoors Longer with Greenville Outdoor Lighting

greenville outdoor living with lightingWas it just us or did this fall’s time change and subsequent early nightfall seem more sudden than in year’s past? Maybe it was the late departure of summer or the rain that came with it, but we found ourselves surprised by the seemingly sudden and constant darkness.

That being said, apart from the rain, temperatures are still good for being outdoors. We don’t have to stay inside because the sun sets at 5:30! And by “we,” we mean “you”!

Did you know that installing outdoor lighting at your home is an excellent way to take advantage of the Upstate’s amazing winter climate? Yes, we have some cold mornings and a few cold days, but we also enjoy many perfect days throughout winter. When that happens, outdoor lighting is the only thing standing between you and an amazing evening outdoors with friends or family or in peace and tranquility in your yard, on your deck, on your patio!

Greenville’s Best Outdoor Lighting Designers

Imagine the perfect lighting for your favorite outdoor spaces. What do you see? Do you see party lights hanging over your patio? Do you see accent lighting mounted under your deck railings? Maybe you imagine stunning focal lighting highlighting your favorite trees and flowers.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville, you are our focus. For outdoor living at night, we’ll create a custom lighting design that fits your backyard to a tee! We have lighting options that are perfect for every need.

How Do You Use Your Backyard?

Entertaining and Fun All Winter Long

If you regularly have friends and family over for weekend meals and football games, we’ll design your outdoor lighting to assist in the ease of making great memories. From profession-grade custom festive lighting to the best in hardscape lights and deck lights we can make sure the most important areas of your outdoor space are illuminated for fun. Lighting for dining, task lighting for cooking, or accent lighting for just relaxing on the deck – we’ll make sure you can do it all.

Cozy Relaxing Evenings with the Ones’ You Love

Are you a quiet home-body? Maybe your perfect winter evening is under a blanket on the patio next to your fire pit. A good book and a glass of wine snuggled up with the one you love!

If that is what you want – we have the right lighting for that too! With amazing hardscape lights for your vertical structures, you’ll enjoy the subtle visibility for navigating the area safely and for setting a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

No matter how you use your outdoor space, we’ll find out and create the perfect outdoor lighting design. Winters in Greenville are lovely for outdoor living, and the early setting sun doesn’t have to be a factor. Call today to schedule a complimentary design demo at your home! 864-292-0002

Copper, Brass, Aluminum, or Plastic: What is the Best Type of Outdoor Lighting Fixture?

Copper or brass is the ONLY choice for quality, long-lasting, outdoor lighting systems in Greenville.

copper outdoor lightingWe know it is difficult to resist the cheaper plastic and powder-coated aluminum outdoor lighting fixtures you find at the big box stores. I mean really, some of them are quite cute, and the powder-coated aluminum looks nice, at first. You might even have your landscaping company trying to sell you on powder-coated aluminum lights. But, we have to warn you. Brass or copper is the only way to go.

Plastic Landscape Lighting

Just don’t do it. They break, crack, split, and won’t hold up against any of the outdoor elements. The clear plastic around the light source will change color quickly, disrupting the light it does emit. You’ll be replacing these lights every single year. They often come in solar power, which don’t emit much light and if they are LED or low-voltage, the quality of the components are also cheaply made.

Powder-Coated Aluminum Outdoor Lighting

Many landscape designers and lawn professionals offer powder-coated aluminum lighting. It looks great at first. It lasts longer than plastic. And has better quality electrical components. It will also cost you a little more than plastic. What they won’t tell you though, is that powder-coating will chip and flake. The resulting effect is a light fixture with an inconsistent exterior finish and unsightly aluminum corrosion.

Copper and Brass Led Landscape Lighting

Our brass and copper LED outdoor lighting fixtures won’t rust, corrode, fade, chip, break, peel, or crack. They offer a lovely weathered patina over time and they will withstand the bumps and bangs that go along with being a part of your landscape.

The LED light source will remain true to its original color and temperature for years before needing replacement. And copper is one of the most popular luxury materials for outdoor use. Copper roofs, post caps, and other landscape accessories are taking the industry by storm!

There is a higher upfront cost to copper and brass lighting, however, this is more than made up for in the lifetime warranty and the long-lasting beauty of these fixtures. When you would have been replacing plastic every year, or aluminum every few years, these lights will last for decades! When you would have had lights burning out every year or so, these lights won’t even need bulbs changed for 50,000 hours (almost 6 years if you ran them 24/7). Making them a smart lifetime investment with an overall lower cost of ownership.

If you’re ready to upgrade your existing outdoor lighting or install your first outdoor lighting system, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville today! We offer free nighttime demonstrations and we treat every client like family. We look forward to hearing from you! 864-292-0002

Fall Lawn Care for Your Best Greenville Landscape!

aerate your lawn in the fallKeeping your yard looking beautiful requires attention to several different elements. While landscape lighting beautifies your lawn and landscape at night, it can only go so far if the health of your landscape is waning. To help our favorite clients enjoy a beautiful lawn next year, we wanted to remind you of the most important things you can do now (in the autumn) to improve the health of your lawn all next season.

Lawn Tricks for A Gorgeous Spring Lawn

Kill the Weeds!
Before you do anything else, tackle your weed problem. Fall and winter won’t kill them off. In fact, they will gain momentum and come back worse in the spring. Use a liquid weed killer made for lawns and get those weeds gone before aerating, seeding, and other important fall lawn maintenance listed below.

Mow Shorter
Mow your lawn a little shorter in the fall than you did all summer. To avoid brown over-saturated grass during cold and wet seasons, you want your roots to get a little more exposure to the sun. But never mow shorter than 2 inches for most grass types.

Keep Your Lawn Sprinklers Running
Don’t think that cooler fall weather and more frequent rain is enough to keep your lawn healthy. Until the lawn goes dormant from cold weather or regular heavy rain has become the norm, keep the water on as usual.

Clean-Up Fall Debris and Leaves
Don’t leave leaves! Any leaves that fall or other debris from fall storms needs to be cleaned up. It will damage your lawn if it is left all winter.

Your lawns roots need oxygen. By aerating your lawn you allow it to grow a stronger root system.
seed your lawn in fall
Overseed or Reseed
If your lawn is thin or has some bare spots, fall is the time to seed it. After aerating, seed your lawn and then make sure it gets plenty of water to germinate those seeds so they get a healthy start during the less stressful cooler fall months.

Mid to late fall is time to use a winterizing fertilizer on your lawn to encourage more root growth.

It can be a challenge to grow good grass in Greenville’s hot dry summers! Make sure you get the most out of the fall cool-down by tackling the important lawn care items above. It will pay off in spades come spring!

And with that beautiful lawn being the envy of the neighborhood, rub it in a little more with some gorgeous LED landscape lighting by your pals over here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville. There is nothing like illuminating a gorgeous, lush, green lawn! Call today for a design consultation. 864-292-0002

Greenville Home Renovations are Brighter with Landscape Lighting Installation & Updates

home renovations with outdoor lightingAre you tackling home renovation project after project to update your Greenville area home’s aesthetic and efficiency? While kitchens and baths get all the glory, there are many small updates and additions you can make for big impact.

From paint and power-washing to refresh your home, to caulk and replacing furnace filters to maximize efficiency – keeping your home on the up and up requires projects big and small.

Adding LED outdoor lighting (or upgrading your existing low-voltage system) is a relatively cost-effective investment with HUGE rewards.

Update Your Home with an Outdoor Lighting System

When it comes to updating your home’s exterior aesthetics there is a lot you can do. With the trend towards stacked stone and craftsman details, a home from the seventies can quickly look new with material and trim changes. But one less expensive and growing trend that has really stuck, is the trend for illuminating your home with more than just a porch light or a flood light over the driveway.

Today’s outdoor lighting for homes is sophisticated and artistic for creating nighttime curb appeal while still accomplishing functional tasks such as visibility, safety, and security. With the use of path lighting, wall washes, and landscape lighting, a professional outdoor lighting system will modernize your home and wow your neighbors. And with LED technology – you’ll utilize very little energy to accomplish this feat.

Lower Your Electric Bill with an LED Outdoor Lighting Upgrade

We mentioned that outdoor lighting was a trend that stuck, so it really has become a classic must-have home feature. Which means, for those early adopters of outdoor lighting, it might be time for an upgrade to LED.

Today’s outdoor lighting is LED. Which means it uses 80% less energy than Halogen. By upgrading your system, you can lower your energy use, potentially add more lights to the same transformer, and save money on your electric bill. While we’re there, we will adjust your lighting design to make sure it looks fresh and beautiful – like it was just installed.

No matter which way you approach outdoor lighting, a new system or a LED upgrade, one thing remains true – it is a cost-effective way to update your home’s aesthetic and energy efficiency. Keeping your home up-to-date is vital for keeping neighborhood values up while allowing you to enjoy outdoor living that much more. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville today – we offer a free nighttime demonstration, so you can see to believe! (864) 292-0002

Greenville Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Is As Easy as One, Two, Three

For the past few years, trends in outdoor living have led to a surge in the creation of gorgeous outdoor kitchens. With a mild year-round climate, Greenville residents stand to benefit dramatically by creating indoor comforts in their outdoor spaces. From a classic nesting spot for your grill to expansive marble countertops and custom stonework, the only limit to outdoor kitchen design is your imagination (and maybe budget).

Once the kitchen is in, and the chef gets to work, you might discover the need for cooking after dark. In fact, I would argue that spring and fall when the sun is setting earlier, is one of the best times to cook a meal on the grill in Greenville. So, how do you cook a fabulous meal for your family, friends, and guests without outdoor lighting? This is where Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville can step in with a few suggestions for your outdoor kitchen lighting:

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Start with Stone

One of the most fabulous features in today’s outdoor kitchen designs is the stonework on the kitchen surround. From stacked stone or classic brick, to flagstone or concrete pavers, these outdoor kitchens are truly works of art.

To illuminate the gorgeous masonry and texture of the stone, we offer copper and brass hardscape lighting that integrates right into the stone. We recommend placement under capstones or countertops, but sometimes we build them right in flush near the bottom of the structure to cast light across the surrounding deck, patio, or lawn.

Outdoor Task Lighting

Task lighting is one of the top requests for outdoor kitchens. We have a few tactics for making visibility for food prep just right. Countertop lights to illuminate the prep space can shine out from under the bar height counter. Pendant lights of a variety of types can be integrated if you have an overhead shade structure. Or, we can always add our fan-favorite festive market lights. These globe size string lights will provide task lighting and a fun vibe.

Outdoor Ambient Lighting

While there is some functional need for lighting in your outdoor kitchen, there is also a sure bet you want to enjoy the space when you are not preparing food. We recommend a full LED landscape lighting, deck lighting, or patio lighting design to create an ambient glow in your entire outdoor entertaining space. From path lights leading guests to the space, to landscape lighting around the perimeter and patio and deck lights built right in, we can create a truly remarkable space you’ll want to utilize each and every day (and night.)

If you are busy planning your outdoor kitchen right now, contact us today. If we are involved before construction we can come out and do some pre-installation work to make running our wire a smoother process. If you already have an outdoor kitchen but need lighting, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too! It is never too late to add outdoor lights. Call today for a design consultation. (864) 292-0002

Create Nighttime Pool Fun and Safety with Custom Pool Lighting

The heat is on! Do you have a To-Do List for getting your pool ready for hot summer days—and nights? If you haven’t considered pool lighting before, the time to think about it is now before it gets any hotter around here. Wait!—you should do more than think about it. Go ahead and call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville to set up a free pool lighting design consultation. Our phone number is (864) 292-0002.

Why Greenville Pool Lighting?

Do you use your pool at night? Would you use your pool more at night if you had beautiful outdoor lighting set up in the area around your pool? You know there will be days this summer when it will be too hot to enjoy the pool until after the sun goes down. If you have lighting around your pool, great! If not, well … do you want to swim in the dark? You really need pool lighting for safety at night if for no other reason.

That’s the thing about pool lighting. It gives you the option to swim any time of the day or night so you can make the most of your pool. It’s your pool, so you should be able to use it whenever you want to. Parties? Sure! With pool lighting, your poolside entertainment can continue beyond sunset.

Our lighting designers can install lights in your pool area that will transform your poolside experience at night. We can put miniature lights in your planters or trees or shining up from the base of shrubs to cast a gentle glow across the area. Don’t worry, we won’t come in and shine a big spotlight over your pool and wake the neighbors with its glare.

Don’t Go to a Store … We Come to You!

We will meet with you at your home for our free lighting design consultation. Once we see the setting around your pool, we’ll let you know the different types of lighting and effects we can create based on what you have there. We may incorporate lighting in and around your plants, hardscapes, pillars or any nearby structures like a fountain, gazebo, pergola or cabana.

We can even install lights in your pool. With today’s LED lights, pool lighting can be lots of fun because we have color-changing lights, too. Fun! The kids will love that!

If you’re undecided even after consulting with our lighting designer, we will go a step further to help you decide: we will provide a free nighttime lighting demonstration. After we meet with you, we’ll create a custom lighting plan for you, and we’ll make another appointment to come back one evening just before sunset. We’ll set out temporary lighting to approximate your custom lighting design, and when the sun sets, we’ll turn the lights on. We think you’ll be convinced.

Don’t wait for summer to arrive—call us about pool lighting now!

We’re not pushing a special “limited time only” deal to rush you into pool lighting. The urgency is simply based on the season. Summer will be here in a few weeks, and if you know Greenville, you know it will be hot well before the official start of summer on June 21. The time to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives about Greenville pool lighting is now.

For a moment, close your eyes and think about the cooling power of water. Not just physically, but emotionally, too. Did that get your attention? The sooner you call us, the sooner we can have your pool lighting installed. Don’t let poor visibility at night ruin your pool time this summer.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville, we love to help our clients increase their summer fun with the most beautiful pool lighting in the Upstate. Call today to schedule a design consultation. (864) 292-0002

Call Ahead for Custom Greenville Landscape Lighting

Do you keep lists and plan ahead, or do you wave your wand and make a party come together at the last minute? Maybe you’ve found some middle ground between those extremes. However you play it, go ahead and give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville a call this week to set up your free landscape lighting design consultation. You’ll be one step ahead when Memorial Day weekend rolls in and summer celebrations jump into full swing.

Professional Landscape Lighting

Spring is only a few weeks old, but summer will burst onto the scene very soon. One of the best ways to celebrate summer is to have professional landscape lighting installed in the front and back yards, especially around your deck, patio, and porch. Artful lighting in the front yard will welcome your guests and illuminate the path to your door. Strategic lighting around outdoor living spaces is the smartest way to extend the usability of those outdoor entertaining spaces into the nighttime. Why let sundown drive you inside? Why strain to see faces of friends you’re talking with by the light of a few citronella candles and tiki torches?

We’re not suggesting a dozen one-size-fits-all spotlights planted at the edge of your front porch, deck or patio. We’re talking about professionally designed and installed landscape lighting crafted specifically for your home. Our lighting designer will walk around your property with you to design the most effective lighting plan using our state-of-the-art LED fixtures. We’ll talk with you about the use of lighting for aesthetics and for safety. We can even set up high-quality string lighting for the most festive atmosphere, and these party lights can stay up year round.

What’s the rush? It may seem like you have plenty of time for summer holiday preparations, but those calendar pages have a way of flying by. The sooner you call us and schedule your Greenville landscape lighting design consultation, the more certain you’ll be to have lighting planned and installed before Memorial Day weekend.

Already have landscape lighting? If it hasn’t been serviced in a year, you need to call us. Outdoor lighting needs to be checked annually to keep all of the components in good working order. If you have halogen lights, talk with us about an upgrade to our more energy-efficient LED bulbs. We can retrofit your entire system to bring you energy savings. We also service systems set up by landscapers and other lighting companies.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville, we love to help our clients improve the beauty of their yard with top-of-the-line LED landscape lighting for 80% less energy use. Call today to schedule a design consultation. (864) 292-0002

Don’t Be A Grinch: Enter Your HOA Holiday Decorating Contest With Help from Our Expert Christmas Lighting Team

How do I win my Spartanburg HOA holiday lighting contest? A question many have asked, and few have succeeded in accomplishing. If your Spartanburg, Greenville, Greer, Anderson, or other Upstate HOA holds an annual holiday decorating contest, you need to call the professionals. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville. We have an expert outdoor Christmas lighting design team, who install, take-down and store your lights for the summer.

Winning Outdoor Christmas Lighting Designs

Winning outdoor Christmas lighting designs are rarely the brightest house in the neighborhood. Nor are they the one with the most inflatables in their yard. Winning an HOA Christmas lighting contest requires the right combination of elegance and festivity.

Our outdoor lighting team translates your vision for subtle or dramatic into the perfect Christmas lighting design for your home and yard. While it may seem easy to wrap trees and line your roof with LED Christmas lights, anyone who has tried it knows it is not only physically difficult, but the results can be less than thrilling. With drooping lines or mismatched string lights, your full weekend of effort could end up looking like someone shot a few strings of LED Christmas lights out of a t-shirt cannon.

Watch Football Instead

Outdoor lighting is all we do, year round. We have the experience, we have the love, and we have the physical labor to give you a pristine outdoor Christmas lighting display. While we can’t guarantee you’ll win the HOA contest, we can guarantee you’ll love the results. And better yet, you’ll love enjoying every weekend of football from now through spring without having to be on a ladder just outside of view of the season’s biggest wins, upsets, and plays.

Call today, our holiday lighting schedule is limited, and spaces fill quickly.

What You Don’t See Can Hurt You in Powdersville Outdoor Lighting Design

What do you think of the outdoor lighting at this gorgeous Powdersville home?

Looks fine, right? A trained expert will quickly see some adjustments that are needed, but for the average passerby or homeowner even, they might think it is completely acceptable.

If you’ve moved in to a new home that has an existing lighting system, or you have an aging system that has not been serviced in years, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville for a maintenance check.

We’ll not only look for needed repairs, but we also adjust lighting direction, trim branches, clean lenses, replace bulbs, and move lights to better suite changing vegetation. In the case of a system installed by another service provider we may move every light for a better lighting design. We’ll also offer recommendations for improved aesthetics and performance, such as adding a light or two or upgrading to LED from halogen.

Now, what do you think about this Powdersville outdoor lighting design?

Better, huh?

This Powdersville model home, came with an outdoor lighting system already installed. While it may have looked acceptable, now that you’ve seen what I can be, you may notice the first image had a lot of dark spots and the light didn’t cast all the way up the wall. The light by the garage was especially a problem.

What did we do?

We moved fixtures for more even spacing, adding one to the mix to make it just right. We also pulled them further away from the house and shrubs to get the right effect on the exterior walls of the home. We added three eave lights to create a more consistent aesthetic on the upper story, as well as a tree light in the center of the front lawn.

Retrofitting the existing system, we transformed it to LED for an 80% savings on electrical use. The resulting lighting color and evenness of the spread is much more pleasing to the eye.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville, we want every client to enjoy the best outdoor lighting design possible. We also want to help you save energy and save money by going with an LED lighting system for better performance. We’re proud to serve all of the Greenville area, including Powdersville, even if you still call it Easley. Call today for a free assessment of your existing system or a free nighttime demonstration for new or expanded outdoor lighting systems. (864) 292-0002

Project Christmas Spirit: Greenville Commercial Holiday Lighting

We wait all year. Some start counting down in the middle of summer, waiting for Christmas in Greenville to arrive. As holiday lights and décor hit the stores earlier this year than ever it is because people love Christmas. They love the feeling it brings; they love the festivity of the decorations and the giving spirit. With Greenville holiday outdoor lighting we have the pleasure of designing, installing and taking down outdoor holiday lights that make Christmas in Greenville joyous and bright.

Create the Festive Spirit for a Profitable Holiday Season

Make the season bright in more ways than one by creating the holiday spirit at your store, restaurant, salon, venue or other brick and mortar business. The holiday season is huge for retail and hospitality which spreads across to an increase in the restaurant, salon, and other service industries. As people feel generous and giving and indulgent, they open their wallets and splurge on gifts and experiences that will impact that joyous feeling that the holidays bring. Maximize your business’s holiday revenue with professional Greenville commercial holiday lighting.

commercial holiday lighting greenville

Holiday Lighting is for Every Business

Your business isn’t retail or service? Do you have employees who arrive at a brick and mortar location? Then holiday lighting is still for you! Improving employee morale by creating a festive holiday environment at work is good for every type of business. Whether you want to go all out with tree lighting in the parking lot, garland in the entrance, and roofline lighting on your building or create a simple festive entryway to invite your employees in, you’ll see the results in productivity and happiness in the office. Best of all, we’ll do the work.

Professional Greenville Commercial Holiday Lighting

Hire the pros to save time. We all know that in business, time is money. By hiring us to provide your commercial outdoor holiday lighting, you’ll get to continue doing what you do while we design and install the holiday spirit. You won’t have to take an employee off the important tasks to climb ladders and hang lights for two days. When the holidays are over, and you’re as busy as ever, we’ll come back and take the lights down. We’ll even store them for you so you don’t have to worry about holding them in a space that can be better served for inventory or workspace.

If you’re ready to give your business the holiday spirit, call today. We look forward to working with you. 864-292-0002

Greenville LED Commercial Outdoor Lighting Takes The PlayWright Outdoor Dining Courtyard to the Next Level for Nighttime Enjoyment

At the corner of River and Broad in downtown Greenville, there is a new multi-functional apartment complex called River’s Edge. Enjoying stunning views of the Reedy River and proximity to all of the amenities of downtown, the complex also features restaurants and stunning outdoor areas for the enjoyment of their residence and the guests who patron the restaurant. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville had the unique pleasure of illuminating a recently renovated courtyard and outdoor eating area for The Playwright, an Irish Pub & Restaurant located in the River’s Edge complex.

A Stunning Greenville Courtyard Needs to Be Seen

The Playwright is a unique Irish Pub & Restaurant in downtown Greenville that features an authentic Irish feeling indoors and a gorgeous courtyard for dining outdoors. The recently renovated courtyard features a stunning circular paver patio with flowers in the center, benches & modern planters on the outer perimeter, a large open grass area with a tiered retaining wall featuring lovely shrubbery.

Near completion of the project, it was realized that outdoor lighting was a necessity for the active nightlife Greenville residents enjoy. The objective was to create a warm & inviting atmosphere in this courtyard for diners and the public alike. The courtyard is stunning during the day, giving us a gorgeous canvas for a dazzling outdoor lighting design. The commercial LED outdoor lighting had to wow the guests who already enjoyed the courtyard during the daytime.

Greenville Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting

To emphasize the circular paver patio we opted to customize our hardscape lights to work on the top edge of the planters that line the outer perimeter of the patio. This custom work took some ingenuity for concealing electrical wire inside the planters and mounting the lights just right. The results are stunning as they show the depth, texture and color of the custom inlay design on the paver patio while illuminating the tall artistic planters.
The large tiered retaining wall was our next design task. With recently completed custom stonework, our expertise came in handy to ensure the retaining walls were unharmed during the process. Our LED hardscape lights were perfect for the retaining wall as we carefully designed the downlights to highlight the wall, shrubbery and outer limits of the courtyard.

All-in-all we designed and installed 38 LED outdoor lights in the courtyard at The PlayWright. When the work was complete, our lighting expert Chris enjoyed a lovely date night with his wife. While the courtyard was packed with diners and pedestrians enjoying the newly illuminated space, Chris and his wife enjoyed a quiet meal in the authentic Irish Pub at River’s Edge in downtown Greenville.

If your downtown Greenville business is focused on guest experience or could use a bit of light to draw customers in, call today. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Greenville is proud to offer stunning LED commercial lighting for all of your business needs. 864-292-0002

How Much Money Will I Save with Greenville LED Outdoor Lighting?

LED outdoor lighting is the most sought after outdoor lighting product on the market. Recent years of technological improvement have created a new found love for the energy-efficient lights. With gorgeous color and low energy use, LED outdoor lighting has come to the forefront of outdoor lighting design. Whether you’re installing a new outdoor lighting system or upgrading a current system, the question everyone wants an answer to is how much savings on their monthly electrical bill they can expect from choosing LED outdoor lighting. So we’ve outlined the nitty gritty with real actual numbers for you below.

Energy Savings

We can’t talk about your cost savings without giving context with the energy savings that leads the way. We like to use an example of retrofitting a current Halogen outdoor lighting system to give you some actual real life numbers to compare. An average 15 light Halogen system fires up at a whopping 450 Watts. For a comparable lighting effect with a 15 light LED outdoor lighting system you’ll use 75 Watts. That adds up to 83% less energy use!

Cost Savings

Your electrical company charges you by the KWH (kilowatt-hour). One KWH is equal to using 1,000 Watts an hour. Doing a bit of math based on how many hours you run your outdoor lighting system in a year, you can easily calculate the savings of running an LED outdoor lighting system instead. But to make it easy, we’ve thrown a few numbers together to show you the difference:

The average cost of a KWH right now is about $.1091. In a year it will take 1,314 KWH to run the Halogen system and 219 KWH per year to run the LED outdoor lighting system for 8 hours per night, 365 days per year. Within those parameters you will spend $143.36 to run the Halogen system for the year & only $23.89 to run the LED system for the year.

For more information about Greenville LED outdoor lighting or to schedule your free nighttime demonstration call today 864-292-0002

Unforgettable Outdoor New Year’s Celebration with Greenville Outdoor Lighting

75° on Christmas Day? Winter of 2015 is shaping up to be one of the mildest I can remember. With lovely mild Greenville weather, why not host your New Year’s Eve party outside? Your favorite outdoor living spaces don’t have to be neglected all winter long. With advances in patio heaters, the popularity of outdoor fireplaces & firepits and this ridiculously warm winter, outdoors is the place to entertain! Take advantage and host New Year’s Eve on your Greenville deck or patio.

Deck Party

Create a stunning outdoor celebration with help from LED outdoor lighting. We can make your deck a warm & inviting space with just the right lighting effects. We’ll add riser lights to your stairs for safe navigation. We can add post lights for a gently illuminated perimeter so your guests can intermingle across the entire space. And for that extra special touch, a moon light hanging from a nearby tree or the eve of your home is perfect for a magical wash over the whole space.

Party on the Patio

One of the best ways to make your outdoor living space functional at night is with LED lighting mounted in and under your vertical paver structures. By adding lights under the capstone of your retaining wall you can create an invitation for your guests to gather around the fire pit. With task lighting over the outdoor kitchen and half-moon down lighting mounted under the counter top, your outdoor kitchen can be the center of the party. With all of that function, don’t forget the beautiful look the lights will create. With details of each paver or stone being drawn out with shadow & light your guests will be wowed as they enter your party space.

New Year’s Eve in Greenville

Whatever your outdoor entertaining space includes, we can get you ready for the ultimate New Year’s Eve bash. Our festoon lights are perfect for hanging over any space. Resulting in an instantly festive vibe, festoon lights are a must have for creating New Year’s magic.
The best part of an outdoor NYE bash: fireworks! Nothing brings in the New Year like midnight fireworks. You bring the food, beverages and fireworks and we’ll provide the festive lighting!

Happy New Year Greenville! We are wishing you all the best for a wonderful 2016.

Safety & Security with Greenville Outdoor Lighting

Like a big brother keeping you safe, Greenville Outdoor Lighting has a practical side that you won’t soon forget. While the beauty and lifestyle you gain with outdoor lighting is unavoidably the main point, there are some important practical implications of a proper outdoor lighting design. Safety with outdoor lighting means avoiding tripping hazards and illuminating your home just right for safe navigation. Security is gained with proper lighting technique to scare off would-be intruders, effectively limiting hiding spots around your property.

How Safety Lighting is Achieved

We have two main focuses in creating safety with outdoor lighting. Your entryway needs to be illuminated properly for safe access in any weather. Darkness is washed away with gentle entry lighting, but more importantly fog, rain and snow can prove to be an additional obstacle. Entry lighting will ensure you can get into your home safely no matter what the weather.

Secondly, your paths need to be illuminated. From the driveway to the entrance or around the sides of your home, seeing your footsteps is essential to avoiding falls and injuries. Should there be an icy patch, a stray toy left out or a tree branch fallen, you’ll see it right away and be able to avoid an accident.

How Security Lighting is Achieved

An illuminated home makes a terrible target for burglary. Burglars are not looking for a fight. They are looking for an unoccupied home that is dark enough to slip in and out of undetected. To lower your risk for intrusion we illuminate your home’s entry points for full visibility. Windows and doors that are lit up are difficult to get through unnoticed, most burglars won’t even try. Secondly, when you are not home, no passerby will know. Lights give the illusion of occupation that is just right. Lastly, by creating points of light in areas that are historically dark and good for hiding, means your entire property will be secure. Whether that is strategically placed focal lights along the wood line out back or a perfectly placed moonlight around the dark side of your home, no one will have a hiding spot for sneaking up on your home undetected.

For more on safety & security lighting for your Greenville home call today at 864-292-0002.

Autumn & Winter are the Best Times for Outdoor Lighting in Greenville

When you think of outdoor lighting you might imagine the sites of spring and summer weather, warm nights on your deck or patio and hosting barbecues that last well into the night. What you might not realize is that fall and winter weather in Greenville is the best time to make sure you have proper outdoor lighting at your home. With long nights ahead of us, outdoor lighting will encourage you to get outdoors and take advantage of the mild Greenville winter. With LED deck lighting, patio lighting and landscape lighting you can enjoy the great outdoors all winter long.

Greenville LED deck lights

Using 80% less energy than halogen lights, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ LED lighting fixtures are the perfect addition to your deck. We can use LED lights to highlight the perimeter of your outdoor living space or illuminate steps by mounting them under railings or in the stair risers. Our LED light fixtures will create an inviting warm atmosphere while also providing additional safety for navigating to and from your deck and yard.

Greenville LED patio lighting

Illuminating your patio space creates a functional and attractive outdoor living space after the sun sets. By using our LED light fixtures you can create a lovely useful space with a fraction of the energy use. With a combination of landscape lights to illuminate the space around your patio and down lighting to put a gentle wash over the whole area, you can enjoy your patio every night of the week. If your patio is primarily used as an outdoor entertaining space we can even hang some festive café lighting to create that special event feeling year round.

Greenville LED landscape lights

When it comes to illuminating your home and yard, LED landscape lights are a great choice. While we like to focus on what we are illuminating and not talk a whole lot about the LED lights themselves, landscape lights are versatile and worth a mention. Perfect for lining winding pathway around the side of your home, illuminating your flower beds, and creating a lovely glow around your outdoor living areas. When it comes to outdoor lighting, working with the natural environment to highlight the man-made living space is a great way to create a natural outdoor setting that is a perfect combination of modern comforts and outdoor fun.

For a free consultation and complimentary nighttime demonstration, call today 864-292-0002. Now is the perfect time to get your professional outdoor lighting installation complete, so you can enjoy the mild Carolina winter and avoid the busy spring outdoor living rush.

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